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LIVE near WWDC 2019 Update

Hi — it’s James with an important show update.

First, thank you for considering purchasing a ticket for LIVE near WWDC 2019.

We are busy putting together an evening full of music, laughter, and fun—all to benefit the mission of App Camp For Girls.

However, there is some important news I need to share with you.

Due to having too few registrants as well as increasing difficulty in sustaining its high-touch, high-craft model, the App Camp For Girls Board of Directors has decided that camps will not be held this summer. The board is currently in the process of researching other ways to use the organization’s resources to best support its mission.

The full announcement from the App Camp For Girls Board of Directors is available here.

This is a significant development very close to the show date and I wanted to answer some questions: 

Is LIVE near WWDC still happening?
Yes! The LIVE near WWDC concert is happening as planned.

In addition to the usual mixing and mingling of the cocktail hour and the music and humor of the concert, the evening will also be a celebration of App Camp For Girls and its achievements and successes over the past six years as well as a show of support for its mission. 

What happens to the ticket proceeds?
The mission of App Camp For Girls is to inspire and empower an underrepresented population to pursue careers in technology.

All ticket proceeds will continue to go towards furthering this overarching mission.

The board of App Camp For Girls is currently in the process of determining how to best use the organization’s resources, including ticket proceeds from this event, to best support that mission. 

What are my options?
The simplest option is to attend the show and enjoy the cocktail hour and concert, celebrate the work of App Camp For Girls, and show resounding support for its mission. Tickets are still available here.

After the show, once the App Camp For Girls board determines the specifics of how donations will be used to further the mission, we will contact you with details of the decision. At that point, if you disagree with the decision, you will have the opportunity to request that your donation to be refunded.

What if I still have some questions?
Additional details about the App Camp For Girls organization and its announcement are available in this FAQ

Please direct any questions about the LIVE near WWDC show, including ticketing questions, to info@livenearwwdc.com

Supporting an Important Mission
For the past few years, the LIVE near WWDC event has been the largest annual gathering of supporters of App Camp For Girls and its mission. Today’s announcement marks the end of one particular approach to furthering the mission, but in no way diminishes the importance of supporting the mission. 

I encourage you to come out to LIVE near WWDC. I think I speak for everyone in the band that it is an honor and a joy to perform for you and worth every moment of rehearsal and preparation. We’ve also been especially honored to do so in service to such a worthy cause and mission.

Thank you,


James Dempsey
LIVE near WWDC 2019

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