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LIVE near WWDC 2019 Concert Poster

We are excited to reveal this year’s concert poster!

This year’s poster draws from the tradition of psychedelic concert posters of the late 60s and early 70s.

Many of those posters promoted shows in nearby Bay Area venues like The Fillmore and The Cow Palace in San Francisco, the fair grounds in Monterrey, The Continental Ballroom in Santa Clara, and even the San Jose Civic Auditorium right across the street from WWDC.

The detailed work was painstakingly designed and created by artist and App Camp For Girls co-founder Grey Osten.

About the Artist

Grey studied painting and photography in college, and later worked at a local Apple store, eventually becoming a Genius. While there, Grey observed that often when customers thought they had a broken computer, they were really being thwarted by a confusing user interface.

That insight was a big motivating factor to learn how to code—to combine coding and visual design skills to create intuitive user interfaces and user experiences.

When Jean MacDonald met Grey and pitched the idea for an ‘app camp for girls’, Grey immediately found the idea very appealing:

“A close friend had taken me under his wing and taught me how to code. And it was him really taking and investing the time to teach me that changed my life. And so, I waned to pay that forward and give back to other kids.”

Grey is currently a software engineer at Smile working on the popular utility TextExpander.

About the Artwork

Grey talks about the genesis of the poster:

“When James came to me with the idea of doing a 1970s-style psychedelic poster, I was really excited about that idea.

That style of poster takes a lot of influence from Art Nouveau, which is one of my favorite styles. It’s something I’ve been toying around with and had been wanting to make something in that style but kind of struggling for inspiration.

So when James came to me with the idea of doing the show poster, I was like ‘Oh, this is the perfect direction and structure that I need to work on creating some artwork in a style that I find really inspirational.’

So it was kind of a perfect match.”

Breakpoints Aplenty

Every James Dempsey and the Breakpoints poster, t-shirt, and album cover includes at least one breakpoint symbol—sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden—and this year’s poster is no exception.

At LIVE near WWDC 2019, there will be a bounty of breakpoints both on the poster and also onstage. At current count the show will feature over 20 musicians and vocalists gathering from all points of the compass to bring you an evening full of music, laughter, and fun.

Presented by Capital One in San Jose

We are thrilled to have Capital One returning as the presenting sponsor of the LIVE near WWDC this year and the poster reflects our enthusiasm.


The style used on the poster is an homage to Bay Area concerts produced by the legendary Bill Graham. The production credit would often be set in a simple sans-serif typeface, in sharp contrast to the intricate and ornate designs of the posters.


Commonly displayed as “BILL GRAHAM PRESENTS IN SAN FRANCISCO”, this year’s poster carries on that style proudly proclaiming “CAPITAL ONE PRESENTS IN SAN JOSE”.


The vintage posters used a variety of similar styles. This modern take uses Futura—a typeface with ties back to the first LIVE near WWDC concert in 2012. The LIVE near WWDC word mark uses Futura Condensed Extra Bold and Futura Medium.


These choices were call backs to NeXT, which used Futura Condensed Extra Bold in its word marks and publications. (The original JDBP songs were written about the Enterprise Objects Framework, technology from NeXT that served as the precursor to Core Data.)

Available for purchase at the show

Sturdy envelope for transit or shipping.

Sturdy envelope for transit or shipping.

A limited number of show posters will be available for purchase at the show with proceeds going to App Camp For Girls.

The 11” x 17” posters will be available for $20 and are a stylish keepsake of the event.

In addition, a very limited number of posters, signed by all of the performers of LIVE near WWDC 2019 will be available for $100.

Each poster comes in a sturdy 13” x 18” card stock envelope to protect against damage in transit. The envelope should fit in a large suitcase. For an additional $5 there will also be an option at the show to ship to US addresses.

A Groovy Time For All

Tickets are still available for LIVE near WWDC 2019, but they are going fast!

Click below for more details about the show or go directly to the ticket purchase page.